Professor Peter McNally


Professor Peter McNally has over twenty six (26) years of experience in both the residential and commercial construction industries. Professor McNally’s experience has ranged from all levels, initially beginning in 1988 as a commercial construction site-foreman. Since then he has acted in such capacities as a self-employed remodeling contractor, construction site-supervisor, high school teacher, college professor and construction expert witness.

As an Associate Professor at Montgomery College’s Building Trades and Construction Technology department, Professor McNally maintains an active lecturing and hands-on course load. Among staff and students, he is widely renowned for his clear presentation style and high standards.

As a Senior Construction Expert for Son of Media Building Inspection & Testing, Professor McNally develops local code review, International Building Code (IBC) review, International Residential Code (IRC) review and on-site inspection standards. With assistance from support staff, he also serves as the primary Residential and Commercial construction expert.

Professor McNally is a graduate of Upper Iowa University. He served for eight (8) years in the United States Army as a Military Police Officer and retired as a Captain.

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