The Startup King


If you’re passionate about business and have the entrepreneurial drive, then this book is for you! 

“The Startup King” is a culmination of more than ten years of startup consulting experience working and helping small businesses and entrepreneurs. It also includes hundreds of hours of research in business planning, marketing, entity formation, bookkeeping, administrative support, payroll, human resources and purchasing best practices. 

“The Startup King” shares simple processes and practical advice for anyone who is thinking about starting a business or is already a startup entrepreneur. The goal of this book is to make the startup process as efficient and simple as possible, by answering an extensive list of frequently asked questions, explaining startup processes and providing detailed checklists to keep startup entrepreneurs organized. 

The Startup King Business Forms Page (coming soon)

  • Formation of Entity Forms
  • Payroll Liability Forms
  • Human Resources Forms
  • Business Planning Forms
  • The Startup King Checklist