Business Start-Up Services

Start-ups, Legal Entity Formations and Legal Entity Changes

Whether you are looking to start your first venture or expand into other ventures, SoM Marketing & Management staff can assist you with the formation of any of the following types of legal entities.

  • Limited Liability Company (LLCs)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLPs)
  • Trade Names
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • General Partnerships
  • Affordable Housing Land Trusts
  • Stock Corporations
  • Non-stock Corporations
  • Close Corporations
  • Religious Corporations
  • Tax-exempt Non-stock Corporations
  • Foreign Limited Liability Company (Foreign LLCs)
  • Foreign Limited Liability Partnership (Foreign LLPs)

SoM staff will happily discuss the benefits of each type of business entity and help you select the right entity to meet your needs and goals. Additionally, our staff can assist your existing business change its current structure by filing the following government documents.

  • Change of Principal Residence
  • Chance of Resident Agent
  • Articles of Amendment for Corporations, LLCs, LLPs, Religious Corporations
  • Trade Name Amendments and Cancellations
  • Articles of Dissolution for Corporations
  • Articles of Cancellation for LLCs and LLPs
  • Articles of Revival for Corporations
  • Articles of Reinstatement for LLCs and LLPs

Why take the chance with a generic web service or a do-it-yourself filing that can lead to a costly mistake down the road? Let our expert and experienced staff assist you with your startup, legal entity formation or legal entity change.