Building Inspection & Testing

When things go wrong with a remodeling or construction project, SoM Building Inspection & Testing provides expert opinions and testimony by qualified, credible and vetted consultants. Our experts are qualified by knowledge, skill, experience, training and education.

SoM testimony and opinion uses critical thinking and sufficient fact gathering. Led by Professor Peter McNally, SoM uses the standards set forth in the International Building Code, Residential Building Code, the construction codes of local jurisdictions and the construction standards as set forth by manufacturers of products used in projects.

  • Peter McNally (Sr. Consultant): Inspection & Testing Services Click Here for Profile
  • Mohssen Afkhami  (Sr. Consultant): Inspection & Testing Services
  • Deck Design & Construction Certification
  • Certified Flooring Executive Designation
  • Letter of Recognition in Carpentry
  • Building Remodeling & Repair Certification
  • Maryland Home Improvement Certification
  • OSHA 30 Certification
  • Lead Abatement Worker Certification
  • Certified Carpentry Instructor (National Center for Construction Education and Research)
  • Design/Build of Sustainable Home/Small Building (North Carolina State University)
Inspection & Testing Services
  • Experienced On-Site Inspections
  • Expert Construction & Trade Opinion
  • International Building Code Review
  • International Residential Code Review
  • Local Jurisdiction Code Review