Professional & Trade License Assistance

Professional License, Trade License and Permit Registration Assistance

To protect consumers local and state governments have implemented rigorous standards for professional trades. From improving homes to operating a daycare to providing therapeutic massage, governments require businesses and individuals providing these services to have verified training. Governments also require heavy application packets to be submitted. If you are pursuing work in one of the following areas, you are affected:

  • Home Improvement License
  • Subcontractor License
  • Salesperson License
  • Electrician License
  • Gas Fitter License
  • HVAC License
  • Mechanical License
  • Plumber License
  • Home Inspector License
  • Taxicabs
  • Utility Contractor License
  • Auctioneer License
  • Huckster License
  • Pawnbroker License
  • Roadside Vendor Permit
  • Taxicab Operator License
  • Tow Company License
  • Second Hand Dealer License
  • Daycare Permit
  • Consignment Goods Dealer License
  • Employment Agency License
  • Junk Dealer License
  • Ticket Agency License
  • Retail Motor Fuel License
  • Bowling Alley Permit
  • Dance Academy Permit
  • Halls or Sport Center Permit
  • Motion Picture Theater License
  • Liquor License
  • Live Entertainment License
  • Tattooing License
  • Hair Dresser License
  • Esthetician License
  • Massage Therapist License

SoM Marketing & Management staff have the expertise and experience to assist you with finding the proper training and submitting the paperwork to quickly get your license and begin serving clients.