Maryland Home Inspector License

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In many states, prior to the purchase of any type of residential dwelling, a home inspection must be performed. The inspection is conducted of the heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems. The inspection also looks at structural, foundation, roofing, masonry, exterior and interior components. A state licensed home inspector must conduct home inspections.

Given the very important work a home inspector performs and the safety considerations resulting from an inspection of a home, a home inspector candidate must be trained and demonstrate an understanding of residential dwelling systems and components.

In order to become a licensed home inspector in Maryland, a candidate must be at minimum a high school graduate, complete an approved seventy-two hour on-site/in-class home inspector training course. The candidate must also pass the National Home Inspector Examination.

Home inspection licenses have a shelf life of two years and the license holder must complete thirty hours of continuing education in order to renew their license. The license holder is required to maintain a minimum general liability insurance of $150,000.

There is an eight to ten percent growth projected for home inspectors between 2012-2022. Potential home owners and real estate agents are always in search of good licensed home inspectors. However, it takes work to become a licensed home inspector.

The process of becoming a licensed home inspector is just as paper-work intensive as it is examination study driven. There are also significant administrative requirements in order to legally maintain a license and limit liability.

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